[DLSU] 6th Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit, Manila 2013

Mediation in a Globalizing World: Challenges to Multi-Culturalism, Peace-Building, and Religious Tolerance
De La Salle University, Taft Avenue, Manila, Philippines
December 9-11, 2013
Information about the APMF 2013 Summit

On behalf of the committee responsible for convening the 2013 Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit – the Political Science Department of De La Salle University, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Executive Committee – it is my pleasure to provide information about the three-day APMF Summit in Manila, Philippines.

The main objective of the APMF Summit is to facilitate the exchange and development of knowledge, values and skills of mediation in any form including inter-cultural, interpersonal, inter-institutional and international, within and between the diverse countries and cultures in the Asia Pacific region through bi-annual conferences, which are held in the Asia-Pacific region with a different country taking responsibility for hosting each conference.

In 2013, the host of the APMF Summit is the Philippines, and the lead convenor is the De La Salle University. The aim of the upcoming Summit is to bring together and engage experienced conflict resolution and mediation practitioners, researchers, educators, trainers, civil society workers/practioners, human rights activists, jurists, businessmen, and policy makers from different cultural, organizational and professional backgrounds who are culturally fluent, creative and innovative, want to contribute and build on their knowledge and expertise, and are prepared to play a leadership role in transforming the way that conflicts are handled in the Asia-Pacific region. The program of the 2013 APMF Summit includes three days of optional pre-Summit activities, and three days of combined paper presentations, round table discussions and mediation workshops at basic and intermediate levels.

The objectives of the Summit are as follows:

To advance individual capacity and collaborations, build networks and promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding of mediation as well as of other conflict transformation processes across the Asia Pacific Region.

To mine the collective depth and breadth of the delegates’ expertise in order to inspire strategies for change that can advance mediation and other conflict transformation processes with the end goal of promoting peace across the Asia Pacific region.

To facilitate the development of effective themed action plans from cross-cutting and focused roundtable discussions that can be implemented by delegates and which have real potential to advance mediation and other conflict transformation processes in culturally fluent ways across Asia Pacific region.

To inspire and support initiatives to advance mediation and other conflict transformation processes in the region.

The expected and prospective participants, speakers and other presenters at the Summit include individuals from the following sectors of countries in the Asia-Pacific region:

The highest political, executive, legislative, and judicial government offices or departments of participating countries
The business and private sector
Civil society organizations (e.g. local NGOs and CBOs, INGOs, faith based organizations and IP organizations, among others)
Inter-governmental bodies (e.g., UN Agencies, EU, ASEAN, World Bank and ADB, among others)

We would like to invite you to participate in the 2013 APMF Summit. For those who wish to present papers during the Summit, please refer to the ‘Call for Papers Concept Note’ below. Other relevant information about the Summit is also available here for your reference.

Details regarding the registration are available on this site (see below). A special conference website will be available soon which will have more information for registrants.

Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact the 2013 APMF Summit Committee via email at apmf2013Summit@gmail.com.

We are looking forward for your participation and attendance in the Summit.

Yours sincerely,

Rizal G. Buendia, PhD (Political Science)
Chair, 2013 APMF Steering Committee
Associate Professor, Political Science Department
De La Salle University
2401 Taft Avenue, Manila 1004, Philippines
Phone/Fax (63-2) 524-4611 ext 570

For more information, visit http://www.asiapacificmediationforum.org/events/6th-asia-pacific-mediati...

Monday, December 9, 2013