Philippines - United States

Title Datesort descending Source
Secretary del Rosario commends U.S. Senator on the South China Sea resolution 2011-06-26 DFA
Foreign Affairs Secretary cites need for collaboration with U.S. on regional security issues 2011-07-22 DFA
Philippines to press VFA review; US lukewarm 2012-01-13 Inquirer
Philippines seeks consideration in U.S. sanctions vs. Iran 2012-01-16 Xinhua
Secretary Del Rosario Meets with US Senator John Mccain and Delegation to Discuss Future of Phl-US Relations 2012-01-17 DFA
US senators back PH sea defense 2012-01-19 Inquirer
U.S.-Philippines drills raises questions about U.S. intentions in Asia 2012-01-23 Philippine Star Download
US, Philippines eye more war drills, but no bases 2012-01-26 Inquirer
Defense chief confirms Washington Post report on PH-US talks 2012-01-26 Inquirer
Bigger US military role in the Philippines sought 2012-01-27 Inquirer
US, Philippines discussed increased military cooperation 2012-01-27 Inquirer
Philippines seeks to strengthen US defence ties 2012-01-27 BBC
Philippines keen on stronger US presence 2012-01-27 Inquirer
Bigger US military role in Philippines sought 2012-01-27 Inquirer
Manila not to bring back U.S. military bases in Philippines 2012-01-27 Xinhua
With additional US forces in the PH, defense chief assures no tension with China 2012-01-27 Inquirer
Protest against greater US role in Philippines 2012-01-28 Inquirer
US not seeking military bases in SE Asia, says Adm. Willard 2012-01-28 Business Mirror Download
Philippines studying U.S. offer to deploy spy planes 2012-01-28 Reuters
US won’t return bases in PH but welcomes offer of more troops 2012-01-28 Inquirer