Philippines - United States

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Secretary Del Rosario Secures Commitment of Key Members of the US Congress, Gives Boosts to Save Act Campaign 2012-04-20
PHL, US act to avert trade row 2012-02-29 Business Mirror Download
Cha-Cha needed for U.S. ‘TPP’ 2012-02-28 Business Mirror Download
US not seeking military bases in SE Asia, says Adm. Willard 2012-01-28 Business Mirror Download
United States to pay Philippines $1.9M for coral-reef damage 2014-10-25 Business Mirror
US-PHL war games in April 2016-03-21 Business World
Improved Manila-Washington economic relations eyed 2014-01-23 Business World
Secretary del Rosario commends U.S. Senator on the South China Sea resolution 2011-06-26 DFA
Foreign Affairs Secretary cites need for collaboration with U.S. on regional security issues 2011-07-22 DFA
Secretary Del Rosario Stresses Phl-U.S. Alliance “Does Not Aim to Confront or Contain anyone”, Emphasizes a Legal Solution to the WPS Issue Would be Durable 2012-05-03 DFA
U.S. reiterates it will honor obligations under Mutual Defense Treat amid standoff in Bajo de Masinloc (Scarborough Shoal) 2012-05-03 DFA
Secretary Del Rosario Meets with US Senator John Mccain and Delegation to Discuss Future of Phl-US Relations 2012-01-17 DFA
PHL, US forces to hold amphibious landing exercise starting Sept. 29 2014-09-23 GMA News
US homeland security to discuss temporary asylum with US Pinoys 2014-02-23 GMA News
US-PHL forces to begin military exercises near West PHL Sea 2014-09-09 GMA News
New chief gov’t lawyer says EDCA is their most important case 2014-09-05 GMA News
US apologizes over Tubbataha incident 2013-01-23 GMA News
PHL consul general in LA promotes Subic to top US shipbuilder 2013-01-02 GMA News
KYODO: U.S. Marines to Kerry says he is postponing PHL visit due to Storm Santi 2013-10-10 GMA News
US Navy warship runs aground in Tubbataha Reef; no reports of fuel leaks 2013-01-17 GMA News