Research Papers

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Title Author Datesort descending
Establishing the Role of RP Automotive Industry in the East Asian Production Network: Identifying Industrial Adjustment Policies that will Enhance Participation in the Network and Responding to the Challenges Posed by China’s Emerging Auto Industry Roberto B. Raymundo 2005-01-01
The South China Sea Disputes after the 2002 Declaration: Beyond Confidence-Building Aileen San Pablo Baviera 2005-01-01
An East Asian FTA: A Philippine Perspective John Lawrence Avila 2005-01-01
Japan ODA to the Philippines Antonio Tujan Jr. 2005-01-01
Regulatory Frameworks for Recruitment of Migrant Workers and Minimum Standards in Employment Contracts: A Comparative Study of Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka Rashid Mughal and Luzviminda Padilla 2005-01-01
Welfare Funds for Migrant Workers: A Comparative Study of Pakistan, the Philippines and Sri Lanka Edita A. Tan 2005-01-01
On the Edge of Escalation: How US Development Policy Deals with the Political Economy of War in Mindanao Jan Pospisil 2005-01-01
Pre-Departure Orientation Programme: Study of Good Practices In Asia, A Comparative Study of Bangladesh, the Philippines and Sri Lanka A.K. Masud Ali 2005-01-01
The Study of the Overseas Chinese in Southeast Asia: Some Comments on its Political Meanings with Particular Reference to the Philippines Rupert Hodder 2005-01-01
International Cooperation Behind National Borders: Country Case Study on the Philippines Cielito F. Habito 2005-01-01